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Student hurdles life+s challenges, remains dedicated to community

Nov. 21, 1997

Student hurdles life's challenges, remains dedicated to community

By Scott Karafin

Reporter for The Baylor Lariat

Growing up with three younger brothers has given Angelica Sanchez a sense of responsibility. Whether she's guiding her siblings or taking part in community service, the Houston freshman does her part to help others.

It is this caring attitude that earned Sanchez the Sandra E. Longnecker scholarship as well as recognition as the latest Bear of the Week.

The oldest of four children, Sanchez knew she could use any help with college funds she could get. Luckily her hard work did not go unnoticed. Brent Longnecker, a member of her church in Houston, noticed her dedication.

It just so happens that Longnecker had decided to honor his mother, Sandy Longnecker, by awarding a scholarship in her name to a student showing community involvement and a great academic record.

'I reminded him of himself,' Sanchez said. 'He wanted to help me out.'

While volunteering at the Texas Children's Hospital last year, Sanchez decided to pursue a career as a physician assistant.

'I want to work with children,' she said. 'It gave me the opportunity to see what it's all about.'

Her involvements have continued in college, as she enjoys being a member of the Hispanic Student Association and various intramurals.

Sanchez said knowing how much support she has gives her the motivation to continue her hard work.

'It's great knowing that someone was there to help me out,' she said. 'It has encouraged me to keep trying my hardest.'

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