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Princess Diana planned to star in sequel to +The Bodyguard+ with Kevin Costner

Nov. 19, 1997

Princess Diana planned to star in sequel to 'The Bodyguard' with Kevin Costner

The Associated Press

Princess Diana was discussing a starring role opposite Kevin Costner in a sequel to the movie The Bodyguard before she died, the actor's spokesman confirmed today.

Diana would have played a role loosely based on her life, with Costner as the bodyguard she falls in love with. Costner told Premiere magazine about the potential collaboration for a story to be published in January. The New York Post obtained a copy of the story and reported on it today.

Stephen Rivers, a spokesman for Costner, confirmed the accuracy of the story to The Associated Press. He had no further comment. The actor told Premiere he had begun negotiating with the recently divorced princess more than a year ago, the Post said.

'She said, 'Look, my life is maybe going to become my own at some point. Go ahead and do this script and when it's ready I'll be in a really good spot,'' said Costner, who played Whitney Houston's bodyguard in the first film.

Costner said he received a second draft of the movie script just three days before Diana's Aug. 31 death in a Paris car crash.

'I picked it up and the first 30 pages were totally her,'' he said. 'It was dignified, sexy, smart, funny and I couldn't finish. I stopped. It broke my heart.'

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