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Student Congress hopes survey response numbers top 1,000

Nov. 19, 1997

By Traci Stevenson

Reporter for The Baylor Lariat

The Student Congress is conducting a survey from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Bill Daniel Student Center and in the cafeterias about issues affecting the campus.

This year students are able to take the survey on computers, as well as on paper. Students will also be able to access the survey through the Baylor homepage until Nov. 25. Mark Freeman, Student Congress president, said they expect the number of responses to increase because of availability of the survey on computer.

According to Grant Walsh, a Dallas sophomore and vice chairman of student life committee, Congress received 806 responses last year. This year their goal is at least 1,000 responses.

'The survey gives students the chance to voice their opinion on a variety of issues,' Freeman said.

Congress will use the results of the survey to discover the needs of students and to develop legislation about needed changes, Christy Rome, a Stafford junior and chairwoman of the student life committee, said.

After being calculated, Congress members use the results to prove to the administration that certain changes need to be made, Rome said.

'Having the statistics to back the legislation increases the efforts of people tremendously,' Freeman said.

This year there are two surveys, one for students living off-campus and one for students living on-campus. According to Freeman, the different surveys allow Congress to produce better demographics and allow for more specific needs to be met.

'By taking five minutes, we can make this institution better for the coming generations and classes of the future,' Brent Dinsdale, an Austin freshman and member of Freshman Class Council, said.

The survey questions were submitted by students and professors and then edited by the student life committee to ensure unbiased questions that would allow for 'genuine results,' Rome said.

'The survey took time, but these things need to be improved,' Katy Smith, an Arnold, Md., freshman who took the survey, said.

According to Walsh, last year's survey produced results such as the extra e-mail stations in the student center and the 24-hour computer lab.

'Everybody has an opinion and the survey is one way to express it,' Rome said. 'After answering the questions there is a comment box where you can tell us anything from suggestions to criticisms. It is just a blank box for you to fill.'

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