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Males need dating suggestions, tips

Nov. 19, 1997

There are some guys who were out to lunch the day the tips of dating were taught. Recently, my friend Alison Kuehn and I came up with a few suggestions for the 'strange, hard-to-understand, never-to-be-figured out' male gender.

Pointer #1: Say what you mean and mean what you say. Don't tell a girl one thing and then come back later and say you didn't mean it the way she thought you did. Be as clear as crystal.

Pointer #2: Learn to be a gentleman. It's really not that difficult. Always treat a lady with respect, and on occasion, point out her sparkling attributes. Open doors for her (that includes the car door, fellas). Roses are not mandatory, but they sure do win a smile. Never use profanity because you think it will impress her. A dirty mouth shows a complete lack of class and is a turn-off.

Pointer #3: Give a girl some notice in advance. Don't call her or come by five minutes before you want to go somewhere and ask her to go along. If she is important enough, you will make some definite plans and give her time to be ready.

Pointer #4: Once you ask her out, don't badger her about where she wants to go. Chances are, if she has agreed to go out with you, she will be happy with wherever you take her, within reason. Don't get carried away. Remember Pointer #2.

Pointer #5: Communicate with a girl directly. Do not call her friends, her mother, her dog or anyone else to find out information, after you have already established a relationship. Keep the relationship between the two of you. If you don't have communication, what do you have?

Pointer #6: Don't try to be something you're not. Be who YOU are. The places you go and the people you spend your time with, aside from her, tell wonders about your lifestyle. Don't be her Prince Charming by day and King Riffraff by night. Remember, a jewel sparkles when polished, but the riffraff is thrown out with the trash.

Pointer #7: Stand by the morals and values your mother taught you. That's what makes a real man. The inhibition of college days will soon pass. You don't want to be caught with your morals around your ankles and no foundation under your feet. There's nothing worse than a man without integrity. Well, there is one thing worse...

Pointer #8: NEVER leave a lady standing in the cold. (And I'm not talking about lending her a warm coat.) If you are going to stand a girl up, have the decency to look her in the eyes and tell her you've made other plans. If you disregard Pointer #8, DO NOT ask her to lunch the next day, no matter how lonely or hungry you are. Pull out the moldy turkey bacon from the fridge, invite your no. 1 sidekick over for lunch and ponder the result of your actions.

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