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Tires of 11 cars slashed in lot

Nov. 19, 1997

By Cindy Szelag

Staff Writer for The Baylor Lariat

Several cars were vandalized in the parking lot of a local apartment complex last weekend, according to the Waco Police Department.

Sgt. Dennis Kidwell of the Waco Police said 11 cars had their tires slashed from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Sunday, in the parking lot of the Williamsburg Apartments at 1710 South Fifth Street.

Kidwell said there was a security guard on duty at the complex from midnight until 6 a.m.

Lena Salazar, manager of Williamsburg Apartments, said the security guard did not see the vandalism take place.

'When they walked the property, they didn't see any vandalism at the time,' Salazar said. 'They didn't see anything out of the ordinary going on, not even flat tires.'

Kidwell said the Waco Police do not have any suspects.

Jie Kong, a graduate student in the physics department and a resident of the complex, said his car and his wife's car were both vandalized. A total of seven tires were slashed on their cars.

'I think maybe it was a group of people,' Kong said. 'Some organization maybe, or some people after some drinking.'

Salazar said a similar incident had occurred in the morning of Oct. 3, when 10 vehicles also had their tires cut in the parking lot of the same complex.

The owners and managers of the complex are making many changes to prevent vandalism from happening again in the future.

'We're putting up more lighting,' Salazar said. 'Already they put up two lights, and the electrician is putting up more.'

In addition, security guard patrol hours have already been extended and in the future there will be two security guards on the weekends instead of one, Salazar said.

The owners of the complex are offering a $500 reward if the violator or violators are arrested and $1,000 if they are convicted.

'We're trying to do everything we can,' Salazar said.

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