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Nov. 18, 1997

Actions express Christianity

I'm a so-called typical Baylor student. Or so they say. I'm a Christian, a conservative (or at least I was until my view in this letter), and yes.... a Baptist. I strongly believe in morals and values and those lessons taught by the Christian message proclaiming Jesus Christ. But, my question is this: Have we, at Baylor University, gone too far with religion? Has Baylor crossed the line?

It comes to a point where if Baylor keeps pushing religion down people's throats, they are just going to turn and run from it. And what is it with the so-called Christians on this campus, who are suppossed to accept all people (no matter what race, sex, or religion), but yet some refuse to accept those who do not believe the same as us. And those bracelets... W.W.J.D... What would Jesus Do? What would HE do? I strongly believe Christ would not be happy with the way the majority of students here at Baylor treat others.

Sometimes I feel that Christians can become too close-minded. I am a Christian and amazingly... yes, I agree with Mr. Newton's article about Christianity here on the Baylor campus. It's time for Baylor to wake up!! This is a wake-up call not only to Baylor University, but also to any and all Christians on campus reading this letter. We, as Christians, need to understand the true meaning of Jesus Christ. We must learn to accept others and not criticize others for their 'wrong doings.'

The point of my letter is simply this: I feel that we, at Baylor University, have crossed the line with religion.

Now before the hate mail begins to roll because of this letter ... do me a favor. Sit down for a moment and think about your life here at Baylor. As Mr. Newton stated, we need to start focusing more on our actions than anything else. Actions say a lot, especially here at Baylor. We're a Christian university, but 'stuff' still happens. There is still sex, drugs, and alcohol. And we can't just go around shouting 'W.W.J.D.' or 'If you're not a Christian, you're going to hell!' Let's quit being judgemental and start being acceptive. Let our actions speak the truth rather than our words.

Denton Ramsey

Journalism, '01

Baylor 'family' not helpful

Dr. William Hillis wrote: 'We want to do everything possible in these days here to make certain that your development as an adult will give you the opportunity to make the most of your life in the choice of your professional career, in your preparation to undertake it, in becoming a critical part of the community in which you will serve, and above all in preparing you for a lifetime of learning and service.'

Dr. Hillis said the faculty want to do everything possible to make certain I have the opportunity to make the most of my life; unfortunately, the guidelines of registering do not help me make the most of my life. If you look at the sheet inside the schedule of classes on page 10 and 12 it states when you can register for classes. I understand that because I have not completed 30 hours I am a freshman; that I had no trouble with. My scheduled day was then to register on the 13th of November; unfortunately due to my schedule I was unable to make it on Thursday. I felt that I could come the next day since my day had passed and schedule my classes. I read the list it did not state that once you missed your scheduled day you could not come back until after all the freshman register. It states you may not come before your scheduled day and it also states that I may schedule my classes on the weekend after my day. It does not anywhere on those two pages state that those students wishing to register that missed their day due to a full schedule may not come the following days. I stood in line for an hour, received my personal data form, and five minutes later I was asked to step out of line because I had missed my day and that I could not register until the 22nd. It says in the schedule that I may schedule my classes on the weekend upcoming that I will try, but I was told I could not register until the 22. What is the point of not allowing those who missed their day to register? Those who have missed already are increasing the chances of not getting the classes they want. Are they just puinshing us because we missed? Like I said, we are already punished having to schedule late, so why turn us away?

Dr. Hillis also wrote that we were a 'family ... and the members of the Baylor faculty and staff are another element of the family and stand ready to help you in every way possible to have a successful and fulfilling journey. They await an opportunity to listen to your needs and to try their dead-level best to serve you members in this family care and want to see you have a sense of belonging and satisfaction.' My 'family' did not meet my need. I now ask my 'family' to get themselves organized and serve my need and the needs of my other fellow members of this 'family.'

Also, figure out and establish the rules of registration; they obviously are not known now, and are not helping your family members in every way possible. So I ask for our family to come closer, and that we get organized; it is unfair to leave our family members out in the cold.

Jason Holder

Business, '00

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