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Frisbee team plays on despite problems

Nov. 13, 1997

By Ganesha Martin

Reporter for The Baylor Lariat

Most 'normal' sports teams gain fame and recognition by having a winning season or All-American on the team. The Baylor Ultimate Frisbee team has obtained its popularity in other ways. Its reputation and activities have earned it a prankster rating equal to the NoZe Brotherhood's. The frisbee team takes 'playing around' to a whole new level.

The Ultimate Frisbee team was founded three years ago by Kevin Duffin and Dave Sailor and chartered as an official Baylor sports team; however, it has not been active all three of those years. Last year, the team lost its charter after a misunderstanding with the soccer team. The ultimate frisbee team was instructed to cancel a tournament because the soccer team needed the field, but it went ahead with its tournament as scheduled. The team was instructed to write a letter of apology for defying instructions not to play, but failed to do so.

'It was like chaos, but we had a right to play so we had our tournament anyway,' Aron Watman, an Orange County, Calif., sophomore, said. 'We had not checked the mail in a long time, and when we finally did we found the notice telling us to write the apology, but by that time the deadline had passed, so we lost our charter,'

Matt Vernon, a Loveland senior and co-captain of the team, spent last summer writing letters of apology to several people.

'The whole situation was blown out of proportion,' Vernon said.

The jovial group did not take the loss too hard. Though a probationary status resulted from the incident, they continued to practice and stay optimistic.

'I have the letter framed in my apartment. Most people have their accomplishments on the wall; we have our letter. We call it the wall of shame,' Watman said.

Last year, the team dressed up like Secret Service agents and Elvis and made an appearance at the basketball exhibition game with Spain.

'It was 'Elvis comes alive.' We walked in escorting Elvis and went and sat by Dr. Sloan. He talked to us for a little while, and tried to play it cool and be polite, but he eventually got up and left,' Watman said. 'At half-time we went on to the court, and the Secret Service men escorted Elvis through a tunnel out of the building.'

These activities have caused several rumors to spread about the team. When the geology van came up missing, they were questioned about its location. Also, last year when Penland the cat was stolen, they were accused and questioned as well. Watman said they get blamed for a lot of mischief.

Despite their off-field antics, the team has made great progress in the sport. Last year they had a losing season. This year their record is 4-4, and they obtained one of those wins by beating Rice, a nationally ranked team, in a tournament at Texas A&M.

'It was great to beat Rice,' Vernon said. 'They had gone to nationals and for us to beat them meant we must have been doing something right.'

Enjoyment of life and the game encompass the team's way of life. Brad Brannon, a Truitt seminary student, said it is the most laid-back sport of all sports.

'We do goofy things. We are not your traditional Baylor team; we have a lot of left-wing tendencies,' Watman said. 'We are the only team that has worn a skirt as part of its uniform; we just have fun.'

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