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Letters to the Editor

Nov. 13, 1997

Bracelets remind believers


What Jesus Did. That is what I think when I see a cross around someone's neck or someone wearing a shirt that has Christian stuff on it. I agree completely that there are some people that wear bracelets or crosses for all the wrong reasons, but I think we are forgetting about the majority of the Christians that wear them for the real reason. The truth is, most people wear these things to remind themselves and others of the love of God. Not only do they remind the person wearing the cross or bracelet, but it is also a doorway to sharing faith with others. Many people ask, 'What does this mean?' or 'Why do you wear this cross?' and that is a great way to witness to others of our Lord and Savior.

You daily see people walk around campus with the Baylor shirts and hats and every Sunday you see people wear their Cowboy gear and talk so highly of them. People wear their green and gold and put on their Cowboy jackets because they are proud of that school or team. My question is, why can't we have that same passion and pride for our Father in Heaven? See, that is why Christians wear the Jesus T-shirts; because Jesus Christ did something for us that no team or school could ever do: He gave us eternal life. So the next time you see someone wearing a cross or a W.W.J.D. bracelet, don't think of it as a fashion trend, think of it as a reminder of God's love.

Steven Bailey

Pre-Business, '01

Bracelet argument irrelevant

Personally, I believe that the recent debate over whether or not we should wear Christian symbols is ridiculous. For one thing, the last two letters on the subject, one by Mr. Service and the other by Mr. Stanley, don't even address the same issue. I think Mr. Stanley is a bit naïve in his apparent belief that people who wear Christian symbols are doing so in order to express their faith; most likely Mr. Service is correct -- it's a fashion statement. But on the other hand, Mr. Service shouldn't dismiss the idea of wearing Christian symbols just because some people might use them superficially.

I think an issue far more important than whether someone wears their bracelet or not is raised by Mr. Stanley in his letter, and that is whether or not those people wearing the symbols actually practice what they preach. After just under 3 months here at Baylor, I am forced to conclude that they don't. The students at Baylor are always talking about how Baylor is different and special compared to other colleges. Yes, it is. Baylor is the only university I have ever heard of where the students consistently claim to be something they're not.

While a lot of the people here are nice, just as many are not. Students here still drink, they still use drugs, etc. etc. A lot of them may try to justify their actions by saying other schools are worse, but the truth of the matter is that they're not. I have friends at more than 15 colleges and universities throughout the U.S., from UC San Diego to Northwestern to Harvard and their schools are no more 'morally decadent' than Baylor is. Baylor manages to take all of the bad qualities of the church: its failure to trust students, an inability to keep up with modern ideas, an obsession with religion to the exception of everything else; and combine them with a lack of most of the good qualities.

So, maybe people here should be concentrating more on their actions than on their bracelets.

Chris M. Newton

University Scholar '01

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