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Baylor considering additional parking garage

Nov. 13, 1997

By Jennifer Jones

Reporter for The Baylor Lariat

Baylor University is investigating the possibility of constructing a parking garage between Fourth and Fifth streets, across from the Hankamer School of Business.

'The parking garage is part of the campus master plan that was presented to the Board of Regents early this calendar year,' President Robert B. Sloan Jr, said.

Sloan said the coming Student Life Complex and other proposed construction projects will present an even stronger need for additional parking on that end of campus.

'Ideally, through the construction we won't lose, but gain parking capacity on campus,' Sloan said.

The university is currently attempting to alleviate some of the current parking problems on campus. There is a fair amount of resurfacing of existing parking lots going on right now, said Larry Brumley, associate vice president of communications for the university.

'There is only so much green space you can take up on campus,' Brumley said. 'Then you have to start looking into building up from the surface.'

The impending construction projects will bring a need for more parking because current space will be taken up with equipment, Sloan said. The proposed spot for the garage will be the area where most of the campus expansion will take place.

'We feel like we're getting close to the time to do construction in that vicinity,' Sloan said. 'The board is moving it up to the faster track because of the construction.'

Brumley was not as optimistic about the plans for the parking garage. He said it would be premature to assume the plans are definite, but the Board of Regents will review the priority of construction projects currently proposed by the university at their next meeting in February.

'If they do construct a parking garage, it will be in that area,' Brumley said. 'The board had talked about various options to fund the construction.'

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