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Heresy accusation referred to regents

Nov. 12, 1997

Messenger from Sherman church says Baylor religion department is teaching heretical ideas

By Brian Allison

Reporter for The Baylor Lariat

On Monday night in Austin as the first session of the annual meeting of the Baptist General Convention of Texas closed, the department of religion was accused of heretical teachings.

The accusation was given in a motion by Ben Cole, a messenger from First Baptist Church in Sherman.

Heresy is the practice of holding a belief that is contrary to the teaching of a certain religion -- in this case, the Southern Baptist Convention.

Cole's motion asked for a committee from the BGCT to be formed to study teaching in New Testament courses to see if faculty members are holding heretical positions.

According to a BGCT employee, the dispute regards a textbook on Christ. The source is not sure if the book was written by a Baylor faculty member or if it was taught to students.

'It was a pretty rambling presentation,' the employee said. 'He (Cole) was citing some textbook used there at Baylor.'

According to the employee, Cole argued the book portrayed Jesus as not being completely sinless.

The motion was postponed until Tuesday morning, when it was decided that the matter would be referred to the Baylor Board of Regents to investigate.

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