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Baylor, A&M both allege vandalism before game

Nov. 11, 1997

Baylor, A&M both allege vandalism before game

Barn, Bear Pit painted; Aggies to file charges

By Lori Lenarduzzi

Staff writer for The Baylor Lariat

Two acts of vandalism took place early Friday morning involving students from Baylor and Texas A&M University.

Monday's edition of The Battalion, the newspaper of Texas A&M, reported that a group of Baylor students painted the 'Aggie Barn' green and white in Reagan, a city located on Highway 6, 10 miles from Marlin. 'Sic'em Bears' and 'Go Bears 2001' were some of the messages painted.

The 'Aggie Barn' belongs to a 1924 Texas A&M graduate, T. K. Kirk-patrick, who painted it maroon and white in 1981. He did this to show people he is an Aggie and to promote school spirit, according to Clayton Vader, an Aggie band member whose parents rent the land that the barn is on.

Vader said it is suspected that a fraternity at Baylor is responsible for the vandalism.

'Someone in Talon 12 (a division of the Corps of Cadets) received a call from a Baylor student who was bragging that a fraternity had painted the barn green and white,' Vader said. 'Names were even written on it.'

Vader said he was prepared to re-paint the barn on Sunday, but then found out that Talon 12 was repainting it late Friday afternoon.

Vader said a letter will be written to President Robert B. Sloan Jr. and charges will be filed.

'We don't want this to happen again,' Vader said. 'The barn has to be painted again and altogether it is going to cost more than $1000.'

The second act of vandalism took place at approximately 3:45 a.m. Friday at the Bear Pit. Baylor Police Chief Jim Doak said a group of Texas A&M students painted parts of the fence and other areas surrounding the pit maroon and white. Their message read 'Gig 'em Aggies.'

As the students were completing their vandalism, Doak said an employee of Baylor Housekeeping saw them. However, once the students realized they had been seen, they jumped into a pick-up truck and left.

Robert Satchell, assistant manager for Baylor Housekeeping, said he was not aware that one of his employees had seen anything.

'There was minimal, minimal damage,' Doak said. 'Those students were just doing the prankster thing. Waco Construction had the paint cleaned off by 8 a.m. Friday.'

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