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Nov. 11, 1997

Vandals damage reputation

Earlier today, some fellow graduate students asked me about Baylor. I told them that it was the best four years of my life. I told them that I loved the feel of Baylor, that the atmosphere created by the students was the initial reason I choose the school. I explained that Baylor excelled in academics and provided a Christian environment in which to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. I am proud to admit that I am a Baylor alumnus. I am more than proud, but there is no word to describe the joy and dignity I have knowing that I graduated from the oldest school in Texas.

Then, I read in Texas A&M's school paper that Baylor students painted the Aggie Barn in Reagan. I was shocked to find that some of these people that I had just finished praising had vandalized property. Why? Do Baylor students really feel that by vandalizing someone's property, they are showing school pride?

The Aggie Barn is a symbol to all Aggies of tradition; it welcomes travelers to Aggieland. Tourists and native Texans stop and take pictures of this landmark. Yet, even more important, it belongs to someone. Baylor students trespassed and vandalized.

Is that the image we want to portray? Is that what going to a Christian university means to these students? I understand there is a need and desire to show school spirit and pride, but illegal activities are not the way. Wear school colors, attend the game, cheer for the players; but don't destroy the integrity of Baylor University by defacing a symbol of another school's traditions.

I am a single Baylor graduate amidst the many Aggies here in College Station, but I consider my home to be in Waco. Yet, it makes me sad to know that there are those students who would ruin Baylor's reputation as a Christian school by defacing another person's property.

J. Brooke Shipley

Class of '97

Logo name inappropriate

After studying our bright green bear for a while, my roommates and I have decided that 'Bruiser' is just not fitting. Undisclosed to most Baylor students, a few months ago our beloved bear climbed out of the Bear Pit and plunged into the creek below contaminated by Freshman Follies. While floating down the creek, our beloved mascot underwent a horrid transformation not unlike that of the Incredible Hulk. Now stronger, meaner, and greener than most, my roommates and I believe that our new bright green bear would be better suited by the name 'The Incredible Toxic Waste Bear.' With this new name change, we believe our new bear would be better respected and would produce more spirit from the fans due to the hardship it has gone through. Mascots from all over will admire our bear's ability to overcome adversity.

We tip our hats off to our beloved new mascot, 'The Incredible Toxic Waste Bear,' for its amazing perserverance.

Damon Welborn,

Human Resource Management '98

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