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Secret Service apprehends wandering woman in White House

Nov. 10, 1997

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Secret Service detained a woman wandering through the West Wing of the White House asking for President

Clinton on Saturday and said they would charge her with unlawful entry.

Clinton was taping an interview at television studios across town at the time. 'There were no weapons and no threat or danger

that we have determined at this time,'' Secret Service public-affairs officer Jim Mackin said late Saturday.

The woman, smartly dressed in a long brown cape with a matching hat and handbag, was not being publicly identified until formal

charges were filed, Mackin said. Agents were still trying to determine how she gained access to the West Wing area, which is

off-limits to the general public, he added.

At the time she was detained in the White House driveway, just before 5 p.m. EST, several special tour groups were milling about

the area with their White House staff escorts and special-access passes.

Just before uniformed agents calmly restrained her by the wrist and searched her handbag, she was seen _ without any visible access

pass - in the basement of the press briefing room. There, she nonchalantly approached two reporters, asked ``Where's the

president?'' and made a reference to having to meet him 'in the Oval.''

The Oval Office is about 30 paces from the entrance to the briefing room.

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