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Chapel adds 11 a.m. section

Nov. 7, 1997

Chapel adds 11a.m. section

By Lindsay Reinhold

Editor in chief for The Baylor Lariat

Due to an increase in university enrollment, an additional section of Chapel-Forum will be offered in the spring 1998 semester. The new section will be held at 11 a.m. on Monday and Wednesday in Waco Hall. The other section will remain at 10 a.m.

'Adding another section of Chapel makes it easier for students to fit required courses into their schedules,' Mark Martelli, a San Antonio junior, said. 'Plus I think Chapel is really super neat.'

Because Chapel will be divided next semester, the programs might not always be the same at the 10 and 11 a.m. sections.

According to Dr. Milton Cunningham, university chaplain, speakers from outside the Baylor campus will usually present to both audiences. If the speakers are on-campus faculty members or students, there might be two different presentations due to time conflicts such as classes and meetings.

'We are currently finalizing the list of scheduled programs for next semester,' Cunningham said.

With the additional section of Chapel-Forum comes more space for students in Waco Hall. The Chaplain's Office will begin by filling up the main level of Waco Hall before placing students in the balcony. Waco Hall now accommodates more than 2,000 people. The two sections of Chapel are currently being limited to 1,350 students each. This will allow more students to sit in the main level of Waco Hall.

Chapel has been a university graduation requirement for many years. Pat Neff, former president of Baylor, considered Chapel to be an important part of acquiring a complete education from Baylor. According to To Light the Ways of Time, a historical account of Baylor by Eugene W. Baker, attendance at Chapel-forum was required for students, faculty and staff of Baylor University. The format Neff followed for chapel has not changed much over the years. Students still meet in Waco Hall for 40 minute periods and listen to various speakers discuss religious and political issues.

'Chapel goes back to the very beginning of Baylor,' Cunningham said. 'The founders felt it was to be a vital part of the university.'

Chapel-forum is intended to provide students with a spiritual education to go along with the academic one they receive from university classes. The speakers are selected by the university chaplain in regards to how spirituality has had a positive effect on their lives.

'They (speakers and performers) show that the spiritual dimension of life is not eliminated in different careers,' Cunningham said.

In addition to speakers, the Chapel-forum band led by Daniel Eady, cordinator of special performances for Student Activities will perform at both sections. The bands will be made up of two different sets of students because of class conflicts.

'We will be holding an open audition to develop two bands for the two sections of Chapel,' Eady said. 'The bands will be made up of myself and Baylor students.'

The university chaplain and the Chapel band strive to make chapel a positive experience for students.

'I like it (Chapel-forum). We (students) don't see it as a class,' Adrienne Little, a Thousand Oaks, Calif., sophomore, said. 'But you can still get a lot out of it.'

With the new section, more students will be able to attend and see the performances Chapel forum will be offering.

Lariat Reporter Teresa Weddle also contributed to this story.

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