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Feces left in library elevators

Nov. 6, 1997

By Cindy Szelag

Staff Writer for The Baylor Lariat

A 'misguided soul' spread feces on various fixtures in Moody Memorial Library sometime Tuesday night, said Baylor Department of Public Safety Chief Jim Doak.

Sherry Cook, personnel and facilities coordinator for the dean of libraries, said the incident was reported to library officials at 11 p.m. Tuesday.

'Apparently we had someone or someones spread feces on the elevators, especially on the buttons, and on one copy machine in Jones Library,' Cook said.

Cook said the library personnel closed the two elevators in Moody Library and the one in Jesse H. Jones Library and forced library visitors to use the stairs.

'Let's just say they kind of splurged a little bit in the elevators and spread it around,' said Robert Satchell, assistant manager of Baylor Housekeeping.

Officers from the Baylor Police responded to the call early Wednesday morning, Doak said. Cook said Baylor Housekeeping was also called Wednesday morning.

This is not the first time an incident such as this has happened in Moody Library, although before it has occurred in the restroom and not in an area as public as the elevators.

'This has happened in the past,' Cook said. 'Every few years it seems to surface.'

Cook said she hopes peer pressure will persuade the offenders to come forward to Doak or at least prevent them from committing the offense again.

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