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Freshmen ponder future of goalpost

Nov. 6, 1997

By Luke McElmurry

Reporter for The Baylor Lariat

The now famous goalpost may be hung from the roof of the Ferrell Special Events Center, reside at Floyd Casey Stadium for the football team to run under or end up on display at the future Student Life Center.

Wednesday night, the freshman class held a meeting to discuss options for the fate of the structure and plans to submit them to Student Life.

Criteria for the placement of the goal post hinged on visibility, portability so that it might be taken out on special occasions, central location and protection from vandalism. There was also concern about NoZe Brotherhood vandalization.

The main obstacle in the decision process was coming up with an area where it could be seen by the general Baylor population and still be protected.

Because it would most likely appear out of place at the Ferrell Center and if it were to be put in the Student Life Center it would not be on display for at least two years, the majority of students leaned towards putting the goalpost in Floyd Casey Stadium.

There it could serve as a reminder to opposing teams as the Bears ran under it onto to the field. Furthermore, it could be viewed by thousands of Baylor fans.

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