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Web advertises new movies like never before

Nov. 5, 1997

By Zachary Hinkle

Impulse Editor for The Baylor Lariat

Watch closely at the next movie trailer you see, there's a URL down there.

For nearly every film Hollywood puts out, it also puts out a web page designed to promote the movie and supply facts about cast, crews and production notes. It often opens up the world the movie has been set in and can even bring a viewer closer to the mindset of the directors and writers who created the film.

Now film promoters are taking it a few steps further with interactive web sites that bring you into the action of their movies.

Sony, as usual, has led the way down this tunnel leading to, hopefully, fully interactive films.

The Gattaca site, found on Sony's web site (, allows browsers to engineer their own child by entering in characteristics of both parents, launch a manned expedition to the moons of Saturn and view pictures of the stars too.

Sony's sites for other recent movies such as Oliver Stone's U-Turn and the soon-to-be released Starship Troopers, allow browsers to gain deep background on characters and story lines with a bit of fun anecdotal charm mixed in. The Starship Troopers site even allows you to enlist in the 'Federation' military to fight off bugs that are actually capable of reason.

Seemingly most of the features on such sites are simple parlor tricks and on-line versions of dated Atari and Commodore 64 games, but it's definitely new and hopefully a peek into the future of big budget entertainment.

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