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Lack of ID prevents game entry

Nov. 5, 1997

Saturday was one of the best games I've ever been to in my three years at Baylor. We beat a semi-respected team, the weather was beautiful, it was a conference victory, the crowd was having a good time and we topped it off with a little old-fashioned destruction of school property.

Due to a really silly Baylor rule, however, I almost missed the game entirely. My problem: I forgot my ID. I had no idea this was going to cause so much trauma, or else I would have made a point to grab the darn thing. My roommate and I had already trekked across two fields, a stream, several parking lots and quite a few streets when I realized I had forgotten it. In my naiveté, I just figured that the ticket guy would let me in. After all, I had the actual ticket.

Things seemed pretty promising with the gatekeeper. He smiled and looked like my grandpa. He even sympathized that I had forgotten my ID. I can't remember the number of times he said, 'If it were up to me, I would let you in.' I tried everything. I promised to sign a statement saying I went to Baylor I pointed out that I was wearing a Diadeloso shirt from 1995. All of this was pointless; he was pretty set on that ID thing. The gatekeeper pointed out my two options: I could go home and get my ID, or I could buy another ticket.

I opted for buying another ticket until the ticket guy informed me that the cheapest ticket available was $30. Why in the world would I want a $30 ticket when I had a perfectly good ticket in my hand? He had the same comment as the gatekeeper. If it were up to him, he would let me in.

I don't understand the ID rule at all. I know that Baylor students need to have first chance at getting tickets to the game, but an ID is required to get the ticket itself. If you don't go to Baylor and you have a student ticket, that implies that you found someone who wasn't going and took their place. The same number of people will be attending the game as before.

There is always the complaint about student apathy toward the games and low attendance rates. Baylor even goes so far as to give away seats to local elementary schools and junior high schools. If the administration is so determined to raise attendance and get people to care about the games, why would the lack of an ID make it so hard to get in the gate? No one else who comes to the game needs anything but their ticket to get in. As long as someone is a ticket-holder, the ID seems like a waste of time.

If people want their friends from other schools to get into the game, they are going to do it. Anyone can borrow an ID and slip in. The ID rule was probably intended for good, but it doesn't seem to serve any purpose. Those who want to sneak in will; the only people penalized are the ones who legitimately forget their IDs.

The good news is that I ended up getting into the stadium. The guy watching the last gate I went to was a little more interested in the game itself than in keeping ID-less students out. The bad news is that a lot of other students weren't so lucky. I keep hearing about people who had to miss one game or another because they forgot their IDs. The moral of the story is simple: carry that piece of plastic around like your life depends on it. Gate 28's ticket-taker will not be swayed by your pleas.

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