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Who+s Who recipients announced; 65 university students named to list

Nov. 4, 1997

Who's Who recipients announced; 65 university students named to list

Academic and leadership skills considered in nation-wide nomination

By Alyson Ward

Staff Writer for The Baylor Lariat

More than 65 students have been selected this year to be honored in Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities.

Juniors and seniors are nominated by faculty members and campus organizations, said Dr. Martha Lou Scott, dean for student life. Those who are selected are listed in the Who's Who book, which honors students nationwide.

'Typically they look at scholastic accomplishments and leadership skills,' Scott said.

Students must have completed at least 50 hours and must demonstrate scholastic accomplishment, display good citizenship and leadership and participate in the community; a potential for future achievement is another trait required of nominees.

Applications were sent out earlier in the semester.

'If someone is nominated, then we send them the application form to complete,' Scott said. 'After we get those applications back, we send them to review committees.'

Separate review committees look at applications from each of seven areas of the campus: the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Education, the School of Engineering and Computer Science, the Graduate School, Hankamer School of Business, the School of Music and the School of Nursing. Then the finalists are considered by a single committee made up of representatives from all groups as well as two students selected by Scott.

Tiffani Reiter, a Richardson senior, said she's not sure who nominated her for Who's Who.

'I just got a letter in the mail telling me I was nominated,' she said.

Reiter said she assumes her heavy involvement in several activities may be the feature the committees were looking for.

Katie Dugan, a Boulder, Colo., senior, is also unsure about who nominated her. She said the honor will be a nice addition to her resume and her graduate school applications.

Baylor honors Who's Who students with a reception, and they are each featured in the Round Up yearbook.

Mindi Hardison, an Oakton, Va., junior, said she was excited about being included in Who's Who. When she received the application, she was interested in finding out if she would be selected.

'I've seen the lists before,' Hardison said. 'I just thought it would be something interesting to see.'

Who's Who Students 1997

College of Arts & Sciences

School of Education

Reagan Batchelor

Amy Bourque

Virginia Ellis

Jenny Gorham

Jaime Lannou

Cec Pearson

Tiffani Reiter

Brandi Rickard

Mike Schraeder

Cindy Segura

School of Engineering &

Computer Science

Lyn Hill

Katie Shaver

Graduate School

Al Beck

Rachel DuFault

Hankamer School of Business

School of Music

Robert Bobo

Gary West

School of Nursing

Heather Cuevas

Kathryn Gunby

Daphne Threinen

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