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Board adds new members

Nov. 4, 1997

By Ashlee Ross

Staff Writer for The Baylor Lariat

The Baylor Board of Regents elected eight regents to openings and approved changes in board governances in a meeting Friday.

Fred Cameron, who served as vice chairman this past year, was elected board chairman. Cameron is a senior partner with the Fulbright and Jaworski law firm in Houston.

'It goes without saying that my main goal is to lead the board and to fulfill the mission of Baylor' to combine a quality education with a Christian emphasis, Cameron said.

John Boyd, chief justice of the Seventh Court of Appeals, was elected to a vice chairman position on the board.

'I want to keep Baylor on the path to becoming a first-class university,' Boyd said.

Boyd said he wants to 'keep the quality leadership' Baylor has.

Two other vice chairmen were elected: Dale Jones, the vice chairman of Halliburton in Dallas, and Jaclanel McFarland, a Houston attorney with McFarland and McFarland.

The board also elected four new regents. Joe Allbritton, the chief executive officer and chairman of The Riggs National Bank in Washington D.C.; Joe Coleman, a senior partner with the Fouts and Moore law firm in Houston; Will Davis, a partner with Heath, Davis and McCalla law firm; and Laree Perez, a vice president of Loomis, Sayles and Co. in Albuquerque, N.M., were elected for three-year terms.

Nancy Thurmond, a Fort Worth regent, was on the regent nominating committee. She said regents must be Baptist, but do not have to be Baylor graduates. She said the committee looks for someone who spends time on the Baylor campus.

'It's not an elitist kind of thing,' Thurmond said. 'It's a thing for people who can and andand will give their time to Baylor University. It's a working board.'

Thurmond said that perspective regents can be nominated by anyone, and nominees must fill out a questionnaire.

'We all write down 10 people we would like to see,' Thurmond said. 'I feel like we have done a really good job this year in bringing a group of people together. We were pleased as a committee as it came down to the final count.'

Regents also voted to change some of the board's governances.

Regents voted to add another office to the board by adding a vice chairman position. McFarland said that the vice chairmen will work with the chairman to keep meetings orderly and to make committee appointments. She said the vice chairmen are not in any order and serve equally.

'Part of Baptist policy is to have shared governance,' McFarland said. 'In the Baptist General Convention of Texas, there is a president, a second vice president and a third vice president. We kind of followed that model. It's a change in the way the board has done it but it's not new to Baptist policy.'

'The chair will obviously be in charge of the meeting,' McFarland said. The vice chairmen will serve the entire term but will divide their duties 'equally in four month increments' in case a vice chairman must conduct a meeting the chairman cannot attend.

Regents also voted to decrease the number of meetings from six to five and increase the meeting length from one day to two days.

'We are going to go to longer meetings,' McFarland said. 'It's sometimes difficult to get people to come six times a year.'

In an effort to organize the regents more efficiently, the board voted to create 10 committees, an increase from last year's seven committees.

'There have been several committees that have been subcommittees in the past' and this just labels them differently.

The board approved a recommendation to implement goal and assessment procedures. McFarland said each committee would formulate goals and check its progress throughout the year.

Elected Officers

Fred Cameron -- Houston -- Senior Partner with Fulbright and Jaworski

John Boyd -- Amarillo -- Chief Justice of Seventh Court of Appeals

Dale Jones -- Dallas -- Vice Chairman of Halliburton Co.

Jaclanel McFarland -- Houston -- attorney

New Regents

Joe Albritton -- Houston -- CEO of The Riggs National Bank in Washington D.C.

Joe Coleman -- Houston -- Senior Partner with Fouts and Moore

Will Davis -- Austin -- Partner with Heath, Davis and McCalla

Laree Perez -- Albuquerque -- Vice President of Loomis, Sayles and Co.

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