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Frank Fallon will always be the golden voice of the Baylor Bears

April 29, 1997

Man in the Box

Jennifer Paschal / The Baylor Lariat

Frank Fallon, 'Voice of the Baylor Bears', calls the action during a men's baseball game last week. Fallon has been heard during most University sporting events for more than 40 years and can still be heard occasionally on KWBU, 107.1 FM.

By Grant Bullinger

Lariat Sports Reporter

When Frank Fallon signed on to announce Baylor sporting events, Dwight D. Eisenhower was serving his first term as commander-in-chief.

Halfway through Bill Clinton's first term, Fallon had never seen a Baylor football game from anywhere except from behind a microphone calling the game. He broadcast 502 games from 1953-1994.

Fallon has called the action through 42 seasons of Baylor basketball totaling more than 2,000 broadcasts. ' I grew up with the idea that announcing was what I wanted to do.' Fallon said.

In 1977, Fallon read a notice in NCAA News making a request for auditions for a public address announcer for college basketball's premiere event. Fallon sent in an audition tape and in 1978 he found himself as the 'Voice of the Final Four.' Fallon's voice has introduced players over the PA for 19 consecutive years at the Final Four.

'My favorite game was the 1985 Georgetown vs.Villanova game,' Fallon said. 'It is interesting to me that the most exciting game that I have seen was played without the shot clock or the three-point line.'

Fallon retired from his daily responsibilities in the athletic department in 1995. He made his last broadcast in March 1995 at the Ferrell Center where a banner was unfurled identifying Fallon as the 'Voice of the Bears' for 42 years.

'It was very emotional to realize that 42 years is coming to a close,' Fallon said. 'It was pretty hard to take.'

Being the only individual recognized as the 'Voice of the Bears' is something that Fallon does not take lightly.

'It means very much to me and I feel that I have earned this in 42 years of work.' Fallon said. 'I feel like I represent all of the coaches and players of Baylor. I cling to that.'

Fallon has impacted the lives of the people he has worked with.

Over the years, Fallon has worked with 257 color commentators not including Baylor students. John Morris, the director of broadcasting with the athletic department, worked with Fallon for eight years.

'Working with Frank was the best experience of my professional life,' Morris said. Morris has grown to see Fallon as a mentor and hero. 'Anything that I do good or is successful in my career I owe to Frank,' Morris said.

Fallon still works in the telecommunications department teaching classes in audio practicum, and announcing Baylor baseball games with selected students on KWBU.

'I do it for the students.' Fallon said. 'As long as my health stays good, I can't foresee any time I'll give it up.'

Fallon doesn't see the need to fully retire and neither does one of his star pupils.

'His love for Baylor and Baylor students is something to be appreciated,' Morris said.

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