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Class of 2000 passes first milestone, surviving first year in one piece

April 29, 1997

The issue:

Freshman memories

Her view:

Now that we've survived, we can look back on all the good memories from our first year.

Allison Curlin

Assistant Night News Editor

We've come a long way, baby.

We, the Baylor class of 2000, have less than one month remaining in our freshman year.

But just in case you've already forgotten the mortification of being the small man on campus, let me take you back to the beginning of it all, to a time when members of your min-con group would be your life-long friends, the cafeteria eating possibilities seemed endless and nothing made you prouder than donning your Baylor Line jersey on game day.

Moving out of your own room at home was not a traumatic experience as you thought of living with 600 of your closest friends, each of whom would never get on your nerves or disagree with you. Thoughts of thin walls, community showers, and the occasional need to be alone never crossed your mind.

And as you bought out the Container Store and matched bedspreads with your roommate, you knew your room would be the cutest, most organized room in the dorm--never messy.

Although I was not one of the girls who dressed up to move everything they owned up six flights of stairs, I am embarrassed to say they intimidated me. My T-shirt and Nikes suddenly seemed too casual as girls in khaki shorts and mules passed me on the stairs.

Furthermore, I thought the trend of dressing up for class would die out after the first couple of weeks. Now when I get my Visa bill every month, I wish I had been right. Little did I know that being dressed to impress is one of Baylor's proudest traditions.

After adapting to the clothing trend on campus, I thought college would surely give me a more sophisticated style and adult appearance. When it was time to return to my alma mater for the homecoming game, I just knew everyone would notice how mature I'd become as a college freshman.

Instead, one of my best friends actually asked, 'Did you shrink?' Luckily, I hadn't gained the 'freshman fifteen,' but thanks to dorm food, I had probably lost a few pounds.

Though I now survive on Dole whip and colorless lettuce--neither of which has any nutritional value--I remember a time when I thought I would never tire of the infinite eating selections offered by the Collins Cafe. Upon entering the cafeteria, my mouth would water as I glanced at the abundant amounts of food in each area. Now, my stomach turns if I even get a whiff of the night's selection from the lobby.

Food played an important role in another favorite freshman memory, as did shaving cream, mud and toothpaste. The Freshman Follies were good, 'clean' fun. As we ran back to the dorm, not only completely filthy, but also soaking wet and shivering in the cold November air, we must have all had the same bright idea--shower on someone else's floor. Regardless of our ingenious thought, the entire dorm was caked in mud by the next morning, and discarded clothes decorated the bathrooms for weeks.

From being lost as we walked to classes on the first day to spending all of our money at Flash and Pics, we've truly had the freshman experience. Even though fond memories of dorm pranks and hours on the sun deck will still bring a smile to my face, I will be able to return in August as an all-knowing upperclassman.

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