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+Entertainment Baylor,+ new show on The College Channel

April 29, 1997

'Entertainment Baylor,' new show on The College Channel

Chad Noel, an Oklahoma City junior, poses by the new television show entitled Entertainment Baylor. The new show will feature an array of new programs geared toward students.

Wilson Aurbach

Lariat Reporter

Channel 18 is normally reserved for the listing of available University staff positions and the goings on at McLennan County Junior College and Texas State Technical College. Now Baylor students have a better reason to tune in.

Chad Noel, an Oklahoma City junior, is producing and directing a new program for The College Channel: Entertainment Baylor. The production will feature movie reviews, updates on campus events, reports of both University and intramural athletic events, weather reports and music videos from local bands.

Noel and many other University students will spend many late hours filming and editing a new show each week. Although the show will air this weekend, it is still in a development stage.

'The show is still really new, and we still have a lot of areas we need to work on, but hopefully by Fall 97 the show will be running in full force,' Noel said.

Entertainment Baylor will air Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 9 p.m. on cable channel 18. Noel stresses the fact that the entire production is done by University students on University equipment. He said he is always looking for new people who are interested in helping with the show.

'It's a great opportunity for student's to be able to put on their own program so they can show what's going on at Baylor.' Cole Martin, one of Entertainment Baylor's movie critics and an Abilene senior, said.

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