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Letters to the Editor

April 29, 1997

Spirit squad tryouts anything but open

Recently, I attended a so-called 'open' tryout for one of Baylor's spirit squads. This 'open' tryout could not have been farther from the truth. It was the most closed minded tryout that I have ever witnessed. There were several people trying out whose skills were head and shoulders above the rest. And yet, not all of these people made the squad. As an innocent observer, I was appalled by the obvious injustice that had occurred. Even those that had made the squad were upset. They were not satisfied with knowing that they had made a squad where politics had been the deciding factor. This is a disgrace to the University and I feel that justice must be served. No person wants to be part of any organization where you can do your best and still not be successful because you are not someone's favorite or you did not kiss up enough to the coach or his boss. This hurts me terribly to know that Baylor would bring this into extra-curricular activities. It is one thing if you do not make the squad because you are not good enough, but when the deciding factor has nothing to do with your abilities, it is not right.

To think that I came to Baylor because I thought it had a high moral standard, makes me laugh knowing that all of this goes on. I am sure that this is not the first instance of coaches playing favorites, but I don't think it has any place here.

Rachel McReynolds

Education '99

Electoral commission fell short of responsibilities

As a student who chose to vote in the recent student body elections, I am writing in response to the way that the electoral commission chose to handle their responsibility.

First of all, there were many rules that should have been followed and enforced by the commission to ensure a fair election. The commission failed to check student IDs. The commission carelessly left unmarked scantrons available for anyone to manipulate. Of greater concern, however, is the unethical behavior of the commission member who told voters who they should vote for at the voting polls. Most upsetting is the failure of the electoral commissioner, as well as the entire commission, to ensure that the rules set forth by the Electoral Code were followed. It should not be up to the candidates to make sure their opponents are acting ethically. This compromises the integrity of the candidates as well as the integrity of the entire election.

In the future I hope that electoral commissions will feel the need to be fully informed of the rules, make sure the candidates are informed, and more importantly to do everything in their power to make sure that elections are ethical.

Amy Thornton

Information Systems 98

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