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Three-day summit supports community volunteer work

April 29, 1997

James Phillips / The Baylor Lariat

Mark Pearson, a San Antonio senior, is one of many volunteers who gives his time to the Waco community. Mark and other University students spend many of their afternoons at the Waco Hunger Relief Farm in Northcrest where they are building a strawbale house.

By Alison Hovanec

Lariat Reporter

President Bill Clinton and retired Gen. Colin Powell met in Philadelphia on Sunday to begin a three-day summit, encouraging Americans to volunteer their time to benefit society.

The summit attracted politicians from both parties, celebrities and volunteers from across the country. The group is working together to clean up the streets of Philadelphia.

Several service organizations in Waco sent volunteers to the summit to represent the community.

'This is a good effort to focus on America's youth and their problems,' said Major Richard Brittle, the area commander of the Salvation Army. 'When our representatives return from the summit, we hope to make commitments that will show results in the community,' Brittle said.

'Baylor students can help the community by becoming sensitive to the examples they set for Waco youths,' Brittle said.

'The people of America need to volunteer their time to help others instead of relying on the government,' Colin Swindle, a Tulsa Okla., junior said. 'This is an American issue that involves everyone working together,' Swindle said.

'I am excited to see the American public establish a nation wide volunteer movement,' Krista Warren, a Whitesboro junior said.

According to the Associated Press, the summit's long-range goals are to improve the lives of at least two million of America's 15 million at-risk children by the year 2000 through mentors, safe places to learn, medical attention, job skills and chances to serve.

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