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Student interning at local Hispanic church youth group

April 24, 1997

By Chad Jackson

Lariat Reporter

Students sometimes choose internships that will shape and change their lives. Joshua Moody, a Nashville, Tenn., freshman, has this opportunity as he interns at La Nueva Iglesia Bautista Imanuel, a Hispanic church in Waco.

Moody is working with a Hispanic youth group within the church.

Moody is also helping as the pianist in the church, said Larry Maddox, Moody's internship supervisor at First Baptist Church of Waco.

Maddox said Moody is almost fluent in Spanish. He added that this adds to Moody's capacities as a church minister.

Moody learned his Spanish in four years through conversations with friends at home in Nashville, missions trips and one class at the University.

'Josh seems to be a very genuine person, a sincere person, and he is a deeply committed Christian,' Maddox said.

Moody is enthusiastic about his work due to the confidence he has gained throughout the semester, Maddox said. Maddox added that Moody's confidence is enhanced because of his maturity.

Moody is respected by both peers and teachers at the University.

'Moody has a strong commitment to missions,' said Dr. Jeter Basden, associate professor of religion and assistant director of the ministry department.

Moody is also commited to ministering to diverse cultures, said Basden, Moody's introduction to ministry professor.

Moody will serve the church well because he takes his responsibilities seriously, is a careful thinker and is a deeply caring individual, Basden said.

Basden said Moody will help the church because he will be a solid role model for the youth of the congregation. Moody is a believable and trustworthy person, he said.

Moody works individually with the youth, and he leads them in Sunday school.

'Commitment to the Lord and serving him' are the major aspects of Moody's life that Jane Laymon, a Richardson freshman, said she sees in Josh.

Due to an interest in sports and a fun, positive personality, Moody will work well with the youth, Laymon said.

Moody does not have specific plans for the future, but he said he will probably want to do something that involves Spanish or counseling. He might also want to work with missions.

'[The needy] deserve the hope Christ offers as much as I do,' Moody said.

Moody said he will use his Spanish to help people who do not have the same opportunities that he grew up with.

Moody said that he will trust God to provide a future for him.

'If I present an attitude of willingness, God can definitely use me,' Moody said.

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