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Letter's to the Editor

April 24, 1997

Letters to the Editor

'Dead' language pre-med students' necessity

I am writing in response to Kenley Lim's recent statement that 'Latin is a DEAD language.

Where did you get the idea that a dead language was going to help you with your major or career?'

Well, Kenley, after reading your letter I found that roughly sixty percent of the words contained in the letter were Latin-based, while I was unable to find any word in your letter derived from Russian, which seems to be part of your major.

Also, as a pre-med major you will, of course, be aware that virtually every structure in the human body has a name which is derived from Latin or Greek.

But then, not having taken Latin or our department's course in Medical Terminology, once you get to medical school (assuming you do manage to get in) you won't know your occiput from a fossa terrae.

So, Kenley, I guess my question is, 'Where did you get the idea you were going to have a career without taking a DEAD language?'

Dr. John Thorburn

Dead Languages

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