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Scantron proposal heads toward Regents for final approval stage

April 23, 1997

Matthew Lester / The Baylor LariatPhysics professor Dr. Robert Packard provides test scantrons for his students to avoid the hassle of them forgetting to bring them to class. Most professors require students to buy their scantrons or bluebooks. By Kristin Nelson

Staff Writer

Student Congress' Testing Materials Proposal passed the next step toward approval Tuesday, sending it on to the Baylor Board of Regents for final approval and implementation.

The proposal, which would provide testing materials for students at the time of exams instead of requiring students to purchase them individually, was sent by the University administration through to the regents despite its not having specified funding for the materials.

'Right now it's yet to be determined where the funding will come from,' said Mark Freeman, a Sherman sophomore and Student Congress Representative who helped write the proposal.

One consideration for funding the proposal is the General Student Fee. Freeman said the cost incurred per student would be approximately two dollars.

If the proposal is approved by the Board of Regents, the University will then be responsible for providing students with test materials such as scantrons and blue books. Four of the Big 12 schools currently provide students with testing materials: the University of Nebraska, Iowa State University, Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma.

Student opinion on the Testing Materials Proposal has been favorable, Freeman said.

'This is a service that will benefit a majority of students at Baylor,' said Allison Greer, a Tyler sophomore and Student Congress representative-elect.

The proposal states that all scantrons will be purchased from the University bookstore.

'This will not only increase shelf space, but also the book store will not have to open early just for students to buy scantrons,' Freeman said.

The Regents will meet on May 9 to address the proposal. If the proposal is approved it will go into effect this fall.

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