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University grad signs Nashville recording contract

April 22, 1997

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Nicholas Shane, a University graduate, has quickly made his way to a Nashville contract. He will be performing the week before finals at the Hayloft at DV8.

By Kelly Maher

Lariat Reporter

What once began as a small college country band has led Baylor graduate Nicholas Shane on a trip to Nashville and a recording contract. Shane is one of Nashville's newest upcoming stars.

In early fall, Shane signed with Castle Records in order to boost his career to a major recording label. With his Castle Records contract in hand, Shane has recorded a four-song master in order to market himself to major labels. He is also currently seeking sponsors to help him produce a possible Country Music Television video.

This whirlwind of activity began with just a small local band. Shane started his singing career in high school with every teenager's dream of making it big and becoming a star.

'I started in high school writing lyrics and taking guitar lessons,' Shane said.

After graduating from high school in Fort Worth, Shane came to the University as an environmental science and ecology major. After his freshman year, Shane formed a small band of select students to back him up and began producing original country music.

'We started with a small band of Baylor students and made a bunch of demo tapes. We sent literally hundreds of tapes out to recording companies, and we got 11 offers from independent labels,' Shane said.

But independent labels were not what they wanted. Shane was out for the real thing, a heavy-hitting major label contract. Shane went to Nashville to further his hunt for a label. In Nashville, Shane came across many labels that were trying to scam country music hopefuls out of money. Shane was careful and did a lot of background checking.

Toward the end of Shane's stay in Nashville, he bumped into a guy from Castle Records. Shane called it 'pure luck,' and the rest as they say is history.

Things finally began to fall into place for Shane. Castle Records has worked with such acts as Alabama and Vince Gill, and now are working to pitch Shane's demo to major record labels in an effort to sign him.

Now it is essentially a matter of playing the waiting game. Shane is hoping for a major label contract, but if that doesn't come through, Shane will seek out corporate sponsors to help fund a music video and a possible national tour.

Waco will get a chance to see Shane before he takes off. He and his band will be playing a ranch party the week before finals, and he will also do a stint at the Hayloft at DV8.

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