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Local band releases debut album Tumble Dry Low performs diverse music in variety of local venues

April 17, 1997

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Tumble Dry Low will perform excerpts from its debut album sweat pants during Diadeloso today and at 9 p.m. at Common Grounds.

By Matthew Lester

Lariat Reporter

Tumble Dry Low rose from humble beginnings in 1993 when Josh Calvert and Dave Rogers practiced acoustic guitar in the laundry room of the Penland dormitory to the release of their debut album this year.

Calvert and Rogers named the band after the laundry room and began to play acoustic sets at local coffee shops.

Tumble Dry Low has since expanded into a five piece electric and acoustic group. Dave Yeats was added on guitar, Steve Calvert on bass and Brad Bryant on drums.

The band describes its music as diverse. Their style includes elements of blues, funk, classic rock and modern folk.

'Our tastes in music are eclectic,' Josh Calvert said. 'Our mix of style reflects our taste in music, everything from the Seattle scene to classical music.'

Each band member brings a certain style to Tumble Dry Low.

'Blues is the only real music,' guitarist Dave Yeats joked.

The blues echoes through Yeats guitar, while Rogers focuses on chords in style somewhat like Sting of The Police.

In addition to playing in local dives, the band has performed in Austin and College Station. Its musical venues are often observed to be as diverse as its style. They've played everywhere from Common Grounds coffee house to Scruffy Murphy's, and the fans reflect the varying personalities found in these different settings.

'We have fans who hear our acoustic sets at coffee houses and are surprised when they hear our electric sound somewhere else,' Rogers said. 'It's kind of funny.'

The members of the band have seen the local music scene develop during the last couple of years. There is more original music created and played in Waco lately, the band said.

In the past, club owners wanted cover songs of famous bands, and there was little room for original music. The growth of downtown has also helped develop a local music scene, the band said.

Tumble Dry Low recently brought its music to Waco on its debut CD, sweat pants.

'We were following the whole laundry motif in naming the album,' Rogers said. 'Sweat pants go along with Tumble Dry Low.'

Steve Calvert, bass player, described the album production as overwhelming.

Sweat pants was self-produced and financed by the band.

'We learned a lot about music recording,' Rogers said.

The musical element and style of Tumble Dry Low create a unique sound. The tracks fit well together. It's the sort of album that can be listened to without skipping tracks.

Tumble Dry Low is not sure of its direction. Three band members graduated in December and will be attending graduate school out of state.

'To one of us this is a hobby, another one sees it as a career and the others are not sure,' Rogers said. 'We'll see where it goes after August.'

Tumble Dry Low will perform today at 1 p.m. at Diadeloso. The band will also perform on Friday at 9 p.m. at Common Grounds. They will also perform in Dallas on Sunday at Dirty Dog's Rock House and at Loose Change on the 26th.

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