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Police chase burglary suspects near faculty homes

April 17, 1997

By Kristin Nelson

Lariat Reporter

Two suspects were apprehended Wednesday for a burglary on Guittard Street in the University faculty housing area. The apprehension involved a car chase and foot pursuit, police said, extending from Guittard Street to the Bellmead area.

The Baylor Department of Public Safety received a suspicious persons report at approximately 10 a.m. Wednesday, and Baylor Police Cpl. Lori Benadom reported to check out the situation.

Upon investigating the faculty home, Benadom said she did not see anything at first. She continued to search the neighborhood. Benadom then turned on to Hackberry and heard a car running.

According to Baylor Police Chief Jim Doak, there have been reports of previous burglaries in the area. Benadom investigated the area further and saw three males going in and out of a house carrying expensive items. She said the men were carrying weapons.

'I had to sit back and wait for backup,' said Benadom. 'I needed to keep them together and get as much information as possible on them and a good vehicle description.'

Benadom said the suspects were moving with incredible speed in and out of the house carrying extremely large items.

Baylor Police Sgt. Donna Lovell and Sgt. Ray Casares arrived at the scene and confronted the suspects, who fled in their car.

According to Doak, the suspects sped through the Ferrell Center parking lot on to La Salle Avenue and then on to Highway 6 while being pursued by the Baylor Police.

At that point, the DPS called for assistance from the sheriff's office, who then called for helicopter assistance.

'The helicopter was ready to go up and was in the air with in 3 to 4 minutes,' Doak said. 'It really helped us in this situation.'

The chase continued to the 1000 block of Orchard Lane where the suspects bailed out of their car and began to run on foot. The car then went out of control running through the front yard of a house located on Orchard Lane.

The police officers pursued the suspects and apprehended two of them in another house located on Walnut and Orchard Lane. All property from the burglary was recovered.

Police are currently searching for the third suspect.

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