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Student Court rules against electoral commission chairperson

April 14, 1997

Presidential candidate allowed to use campaign slogan

Wilson Aurbach

Lariat Reporter

Student Court found Kirsten Hancock, electoral commission chairperson, guilty of violating section I §6.2 and §6.3 of the Electoral Code, Friday.

According to the Court's ruling, Hancock made decisions on her own, without making a 'good faith' attempt to consult the necessary quorum of at least five other members of the Electoral Commission.

§6.2 states that 'Five members shall constitute a quorum of the Commission before any decisions are made.'

§6.3 states that 'All questions before the Commission shall be decided by a majority vote. A good faith attempt shall be made to contact all members of the Commission before any decisions are made.'

The case concerned the approval of campaign materials for Colin Swindle, candidate for student body president and Tulsa junior.

Hancock told Swindle late last Wednesday that his campaign signs were in violation of section III §2.1 and §2.3 of the Electoral Code. Hancock interpreted that Swindle's slogan, 'A new Colin for a new Baylor,' 'mar[s] the dignity of Baylor University (§2.1) [and] might injure the character or reputation of another candidate (§2.3).'

Swindle brought Hancock's action before Student Court, Friday. The Court ruled that the Defendant, Hancock, was 'unjustified in the action of suppressing the Plaintiff's (Swindle) campaign materials, and that his slogan does not violate section III §2.1 and §2.3 of the Electoral Code.

The Court also said that 'The motivation for his slogan was not done out of malice. . .but rather to differentiate the Plaintiff to the voters.'

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