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Local bookstores prepare for year-end buyback

April 11, 1997

James Phillips / The Baylor Lariat

Kristen Squeglia a Jacksonville, Fla., sophomore, assists Camille Carr, a Henderson junior, in selling her used textbooks. The bookstores around campus are preparing for the rush of returned textbooks as the semester comes to a close.

By Jeff Talbert

Lariat Reporter

Finals are quickly approaching, and although minds may be turning to mush, textbooks will be turning into money.

Bookstores near the University have already received the list of books professors will be using again for their classes, and they are quickly preparing for the influx of students that will sell their books back.

Buddy Buckles, textbook coordinator at Baylor Bookstore, said students should get there as early as possible.

'The first ones will get the most money,' he said.

Buckles said they buy back textbooks year-round, but they pay more for books the professors will use the next semester. Once they fulfill that quota, they buy back books for the wholesale price. Students who have books with the 50 percent guarantee sticker will automatically receive half the amount they paid for it.

Rother's Book Store operates in almost the same fashion.

Manager Yancy Parsons said book store employees first estimate how many books they need to buy back, and then they give 50 percent in most cases.

'As our supply increases, we lower that percentage,' Parsons said. 'The best prices will be closer to finals.'

David Holbert, manager of Rother's Book Store in College Station, operates almost exactly in the same way.

Holbert said they start buying books back a week before finals, and they try to pay half of what the student paid for it.

The Spirit Shop also buys back books based on next year's demand, and book manager Mary Exley said once they have those books in their computer they will pay students more.

Exley said students should not be rushed.

'There are going to be lines no matter what bookstore you go to,' she said. 'We try to make it fun instead of a job you dread.'

Texas Tech's bookstore also likes to make selling books back fun.

Textbook coordinator Lisa Gonzales said they like to have something to give to students who are unable to sell books back because they have been replaced with new editions.

'We'll give them 20 percent-off coupons for clothes or other items in the store,' she said.

But that is not the only thing they give away.

'We have free pizza and free cokes during buyback, and we have also given students scratch-off tickets with chances to win $100,' she said. 'Out store draws the most students.'

All the bookstores agreed that students will receive the most money back if they sell their books back during finals.

Parsons said, 'The first day of finals, everywhere, is usually the biggest buyback day.'

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