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Signs cause campaign problems

April 11, 1997

Signs cause



By Wilson Aurbach

Lariat Reporter

The campaign materials for a student body president candidate were prohibited late Wednesday, just one day before official campaigning for student body elections began.

Colin Swindle, student body president candidate and a Tulsa junior, planned to begin his campaign for office by placing his signs in various locations throughout campus. Kirsten Hancock, an Abilene senior and newly-appointed electoral commissioner, decided not to allow Swindle to post signs that read 'A New Colin for a New Baylor.'

Wednesday night, when Swindle sought approval for his campaigning techniques, Hancock rejected his ideas, citing section III 2.1 of the Electoral Code: 'There shall be no campaigning that will mar the dignity of Baylor University or its campus.'

'[His signs] imply that there was someone else named Collin who didn't do a good job, and a majority of the students on campus know that [Collin] Cox was student body president [the past two years],' Hancock said, 'As electoral commissioner, I am obligated to uphold the Electoral Code. I just don't think they're appropriate campaign materials. ...I'm not out to get Colin or ruin his campaign.'

Swindle feels he is being slighted because he will not be allowed to begin campaigning as early as the other candidates because he has not had time to make new signs, and he was not expecting this setback. He has asked the Student Court for an injunction on active campaigning.

No decision concerning the injunction had been made late Thursday.

According to section III 2.3 of the Electoral Code, candidates are not allowed to make any public statements that 'might injure the character or reputation of another candidate.' Swindle pointed out that Student Body President Collin Cox, the person some think that Swindle's sign implies, spells his name with two 'l's. Furthermore, Cox is not a candidate for office, Swindle said.

'I don 't understand her [Hancock's] reasoning,' Swindle said. 'It all comes down to that I'm not allowed to put my own name on my own signs. That seems ludicrous to me.'

Hilary White, Student Court Supreme Justice and a Fort Worth senior, refused to comment on the situation.

Dub Oliver, director of Student Activities, did not return repeated phone calls to The Lariat on Thursday.

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