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Softball team plagued by 7s all season

April 9, 1997

By Jeff Huett

Assistant City Editor/Sports

Sevens are running wild in the Baylor softball program.

After a seven-year layoff, the team began NCAA play last season with a 35­26 record. This year, seven of the nine starters returned and saw the team jump out to a 7­0 record to start the season. The Big 12 conference season has been unlucky to the Bears, however, as they started out with an 0­7 record before defeating Oklahoma State University, 7­3, Sunday.

The Bears proved early in the season that they could beat non-conference opponents. Baylor has racked-up 5 wins over top 20 teams this season, including two wins over Southwestern Louisiana University and the University of Minnesota and a victory over Oklahoma State University.

'These wins have given us a momentum boost that has helped carry us through the conference season,' Head coach Paula Young said.

No matter what the records say, the Baylor players are not dissatisfied with their play.

'We have been a very consistent team throughout the season,' Tori Birk, an Oklahoma City sophomore, said. 'We have been playing some great teams and at times, we have hit a stage when we were not getting the hits when we needed them.'

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