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SIB receives money for new guide

April 9, 1997

By Jennifer Bjorgaard

Lariat Reporter

With many organizations on campus, getting involved can sometimes be overwhelming to students.

The Student Involvement Board (SIB) recently received a Student Life allocation fund of $1,500 for the purpose of creating a student organization guide. Student Activities also allocated $200 to this purpose and Dr. Martha Lou Scott, dean of student life, authorized $500. The guide will include all interested organizations on campus, approximately 260 different groups.

Student Involvement Board is an organization that promotes involvement on campus. This organization operates the information booth in the Bill Daniel Student Center and holds various organizations' applications on the wall display. SIB located a few universities around the country that have organization guides.

Texas Tech University has an organization guide, but Baylor's guide will be structured differently. The organizations will be sectioned off into topics of interests including: academic, social, service, honor societies, musical and performing arts and political and religious groups.

The guides will first be passed out to incoming freshmen during Welcome Week, and then the guides will also be available at the information desk in the student center for all students. Every organization on campus was contacted and asked to supply some information about its organization.

'This guide is a good way for new and old students to find out what organizations are out there,' said Katie Hampsten, a Rockwall sophomore and president of Student Involvement Board. 'This guide is unique because they can contact a student that is currently involved in the organization they are interested in. This is a way for students to learn how we, members of Student Involvement Board, can help them get involved.'

The information in the guide will include: the group's application process, a phone number of a member, the adviser's name, a campus address, a homepage address, membership requirements and a short sentence stating the purpose of the particular organization.

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