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April 9, 1997

Campus recycling materials wasted

The issue of students' recycling habits has been mentioned in the Lariat several times. I would like to address an aspect of that issue that has not been discussed, to my knowledge.

As a graduate student, I have an office on the third floor of Sid Richardson. I have noticed that despite the presence of recycling barrels, many students throw their aluminum cans in the trash. I capitalize on this by picking up these cans, since I collect aluminum.

One day I was taking home a bag of cans when a member of the maintenance staff asked me if I would like the cans from the recycling barrel. He told me he was going to throw them away!

This leads to a question: What organization, or what person, is in charge of arranging for the contents of the recycling barrels to be turned in for recycling? My experience may not be representative of campus-wide happenings.

However, if it is, the efforts of those students, faculty, and staff who care enough to recycle are going to waste!

My point is not to criticize the individuals who can't be bothered to take a few extra steps to a recycling barrel. That's been said, and my saying it again probably wouldn't help.

What I do hope to accomplish is better handling of the materials that are deposited for recycling by folks who care about the environment.

Julie E. Thomas

Doctoral candidate/ Statistics 1997

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