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Committee approves scantron proposal

April 9, 1997

By Erica Lewis

Assistant City Editor

The ball is now in the court of University administrators as they decide whether or not testing materials will be provided by the University.

The proposal was approved April 2 by a review committee. The proposal states academic departments should provide scantrons and bluebooks for students rather than having students purchase their own testing materials. The proposal will now go before members of the administration before it can be enacted.

The proposal was originally made by two members of Student Congress; it then went before the Council of Deans in March.

Mark Freeman, academic affairs committee chair and a Sherman sophomore, and Tara Parham, a Fort Worth freshman and academic affairs committee vice chair wrote the proposal. Freeman said the proposal was taken to Dr. Donald Schmeltekopf, vice president of academic affairs.

Schmeltekopf recommended that the proposal should be presented to the Council of Deans. The Council of Deans then set up a review committee. The review committee was made up of Freeman and Parham and members of the University administration to review the economics and feasibility of having the university provide testing materials.

According to Freeman, funding for testing materials would come from 'students and tuition bills.' However, it has not been declared exactly how the money would be collected. Options for funding include the general student fee or enacting another fee similar to lab fees. If funds come from the general student fee, then the proposal will have to be approved by the Board of Regents.

Schmeltekopf did not return calls to The Lariat office Thursday afternoon.

Student convenience and an attempt to curb cheating were two reasons cited for a need of departmental supply of testing materials.

Freeman said programs similar to the University's testing materials proposal are currently practiced at Nebraska State, Iowa State, and Oklahoma State universities.

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