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MAPS to build multicultural relationships

April 8, 1997

By Michelle Van Rysselberge

Lariat Staff Writer

Multiculturalism is a household word in the 90s and a hot topic everywhere from coffee shops to university classrooms to day-time talk shows. With its various ethnic groups, the University student body is an example of multiculturalism.

Last semester, a couple of students noticed that although there are many cultural and international clubs on campus, there is not a group actively working to develop relationships between students from different ethnic backgrounds. They brainstormed how to enhance the relations between diverse cultures on the campus and realized that cultural awareness will not create change but relationships will.

'The only way to unify Baylor and benefit each other is by promoting relationships,' said Reagan Hughes, a Midland senior and founding member of MAPS. 'People talk about learning about each other, but we can also enjoy each other.'

In order to achieve this goal, Hughes and Matthew Sullivan, a Morristown, N.J., senior, created a new organization called Multiculturally Aware People Seminars (MAPS). A group of students interested in the subject have met weekly for the past couple of months planning a seminar that focuses on trans-cultural relationships.

MAPS will host its first seminar from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturday in the drawing room of Alexander Residence Hall. Students must sign up in the Student Activities Office in the Bill Daniel Student Center by today. The cost is $5, which includes lunch and curriculum materials.

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