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+Beared-Out+ to +single out,+ match new couples

April 8, 1997

'Beared-Out' to 'single

out,' match new couples

BTC bringing Baylor version of MTV's 'Singled Out' to Diadeloso

By A. Latham Staples

Lariat Reporter

What do Jenny McCarthy, Carmen Electra, President Robert B. Sloan Jr. and Diadeloso have in common?

Sorry MTV fans, Singled Out is not coming to the University April 17. However, during Diadeloso the Baylor Transfer Council will sponsor 'Beared-Out,' a program similar to MTV's Singled Out, in which Sloan will participate as a male contestant.

LeighAnne King, a Waco junior and BTC booth chairwoman, said that trying to get the 'Beared-Out' program incorporated into the Diadeloso activities was a struggle.

'Last year an organization was to hold a booth entitled 'Singled Out,'' King said. 'People from as far as Abilene began purchasing tickets to fly to Waco to see the real Singled Out. When Chamber began receiving phone calls concerning this situation they were forced to cancel it.'

Jon-Marc McDonald, a Fort Worth sophomore, said he is enthusiastic about BTC's 'Beared-Out' booth to be held under the tent in the intramural fields.

'We had dancing last year and now we are having a 'Singled Out' program,' McDonald said. 'I think it is wonderful that Baylor not only focuses on academics but on the social life of students. Hopefully I will be able to be one of the male contestants.'

King said when she approached Chamber about the possibilities of having the booth, 'Chamber shied away due to the past problems of the association with MTV's Singled Out.'

'We tried to get the approval for the booth twice, but Chamber said it wouldn't work at Baylor,' King said. 'Then Jeff Marshall called and said if they had a complete report of all questions to be asked and if the name was changed, then they would approve it.'

Marshall, a Little Rock, Ark., senior and activities chair of Diadeloso, said after much consideration and discussion of Beared-Out with administration officials, Chamber decided to approve the BTC booth.

'We talked to the administration concerning BTC's booth and decided that with proper care this booth could be a success,' Marshall said. 'We are excited about the booth and if it is run right it will be a success.'

The BTC will hold seven showings of 'Beared-Out' beginning at 11 a.m.

'We want people to get involved,' King said. 'We are trying to get everybody involved including various athletic groups, Greek organizations, BRH and other groups. We hope that students will fill the open spots available.'

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