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Spring rainfall brings beautiful wild flowers

April 8, 1997

Kevin Johnson / The Baylor Lariat

A van passes a field of blooming bluebonnets in the median of Highway 6 outside of Marlin on Sunday. The sunshine on Sunday provided a perfect day for a drive in the country to view the bluebonnets along the roadside.

By Chad Jackson

Lariat Reporter

It is the season to turn, turn, turn. The trees grow, the grass turns green and the flowers regain their majesty. Bluebonnet season is back.

Matt Currey, a Grand Prairie junior, said he and his fiancé--enjoy going to a field near Lake Waco and Speegleville Road on Diadeloso.

Recently, Currey and his fiancé were driving back to school from his home and stopped at a median. 'We found tons of flowers: red, purple, violet --every color you could imagine,' he said.

Five other cars had pulled up by the time the two left.

'People do enjoy the wildflowers,' Currey said.

'I think we're going to have a good [wildflower] showing this year due to the rains and warm weather,' said Vu Ho, a Garland junior.

Another great place to see the wildflowers is Miss Nellie's Pretty Place. 'Miss Nellie's Pretty Place should be gorgeous,' said Pearl Christian, acting secretary for Keep Waco Beautiful. Keep Waco Beautiful sponsors Miss Nellie's Pretty Place, which is located at Cameron Park.

Christian said the city does a good job of upkeep of the wildflowers at University Parks Drive and LaSalle Avenue. Another good site is a median on Colcord Avenue, between 26th and 34th streets, Christian said.

Keep Waco Beautiful also supports schools that deal with the city's beautification process.

A common place to look for wildflowers is Mother Neff State Park, a park ranger said. The wildflowers will be 'more abundant this year due to the flooding,' he said.

The peak of wildflower season depends on the moisture and the temperature, the park ranger said. The season's peak is coming soon, he said.

The best place in the park to see bluebonnets is along the prairie trail, the park ranger said.

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