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April 3, 1997

University slighted with BHCS deal

Congratulations, Baylor. The powers that be here at our school have dealt with a major controversial issue, that of the potential sale of the Baylor Health Care System, and managed to escape with the worst-case scenario solution possible. Following the recent agreement between Baylor and the system, neither gained any revenue from the move. In fact, due to the expenses incurred from the 'consulting' in our little transparent espionage maneuver, we have actually lost money in the process of giving up the BHCS. No doubt this loss will be reflected in our next tuition increase.

Certainly, controversy existed over the ethics of selling the BHCS. The administrators involved rightly reasoned that our decision must reflect our mission: that of a Christian institution. However, Baylor is not just a Christian institution; it is a Christian university--supposedly a place for the fostering of education. With a potential sale value in the vicinity of $1 billion, the BHCS offered an extraordinary opportunity to boost our endowment and demonstrate to the nation our commitment to funding the Christian education we claim to provide.

Leaking the possible sale before the research was complete, telling the mass media 'no comment' for months and finally giving the BHCS to itself for free demonstrate a nightmarish level of incompetence that has likely sunk Baylor's reputation into an abyss that will take years to overcome. I would consider the BHCS follies laughable if they were not occurring at the university I attend, a university I care about. Perhaps we should begin negotiations with the Western Athletic Conference. The complete mishandling of this situation only further demonstrates Baylor's unwillingness to provide itself with the resources necessary to place the University on equal footing --academic, athletic and otherwise -- with the other institutions in the Big 12.

Jason Carter

English/ Telecommunications '98

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