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Imagine Nation Theatre presents +Under the Sycamore Tree+

April 3, 1997

Imagine Nation Theatre presents 'Under the Sycamore Tree'

By Heather Arrott

Lariat Reporter

Life may now be seen through the eyes of an ant.

This adventure through the underworld of ants develops when the premiere production of Imagine Nation Theater performs the humorous play, 'Under the Sycamore Tree.'

'Under the Sycamore Tree' opens at 7:30 p.m. today in The Waco Hippodrome Theater and continues through Saturday.

This play about humanity begins when the Scientist ant, played by Tony Fraley, accidentally gets his feelers stuck on loose television cable while looking for food above the ground.

The discovery was better than food. He could see and hear the televised images of humans resulting in the use of our characteristics by the ant colony.

The ants wrestle with subjects of love, procreation, warfare, politics, economics, and psychology.

Members of the cast include Tashalida Busby as the Queen Ant, Tony Fraley as the Scientist, Brandon Brunson as the Chief Statistician, Jenni Cates as the General, Nathan Hutchison as the Boy, Emily Conyers as the Girl, Shante Jones as the Fire Ant, Charles Eaton as Worker Ant One and Peggy Mahoney as Worker Ant Two.

The play is directed by David Legore, artistic director of Imagine Nation Theater. Legore decided to stage the play in a modified arena format with audience members on opposing sides of the action.

'Many people have never had the opportunity to witness theater in an arena format,' Legore said. 'Audience members for 'Under the Sycamore Tree' will be within five to forty feet of the action at all times. We are trying to create an environment that will engage the audience and make them a part of the action and fun.'

Let's just hope these picnic killing pests don't get any ideas.

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