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Student web pages gain popularity

April 2, 1997

Matthew Lester / The Baylor Lariat

Jason Tennison, an Arlington sophomore, uses a computer in the Moody Computer Lab.

By Jeff Talbert

Lariat Reporter

Student web pages are quickly becoming popular in universities across the nation.

But according to a recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education, some universities cannot handle the popularity of some students' web pages, and these students are asked to remove their web page.

Computer lab manager Wendy Neill said the University has not had a problem with any student's web page slowing down the campus network.

Dr. Donald Hardcastle, director of Center of Computing and Information Systems, said each student is allocated five megabytes of space, which is 'a nice size hunk.'

Hardcastle said many students have nice graphics and music, but there is not enough room for videos.

Hardcastle said although the space has been limited, it has not been a problem.

'It hasn't been limited to the extent that any students have complained about it,' Hardcastle said.

Hardcastle does not anticipate any problems.

'The University has been very responsive in providing the facilities and computer systems the students need to be a part of the information age,' Hardcastle said. 'Our challenge is to keep up with the needs of the students.'

Another issue many universities are dealing with, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education, is the freedom of students to put anything on their web pages without limitation imposed by universities.

Hardcastle said there have been instances of students putting out copyrighted material or pictures inappropriate for the University, but these have only been dealt with because of complaints from other students.

'We do not actively look at what students put out there,' he said. 'We try to deal with the complaints.'

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