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SBC gives University $162,000

April 2, 1997

By Allison Curlin

Lariat Reporter

Raul 'Rudy' Reyna, president of Southwestern Bell Communication Foundation, presented a $162,000 check to University President Robert B. Sloan Jr. at a luncheon last week in the Loessin Room of the Bill Daniel Student Center.

Representatives from Southwestern Bell came to campus about a year ago and requested to meet with Sloan, said Tom Purdy, director of corporate development for the University. They then invited the University to submit several abstracts on possible projects. From those abstracts the SBC foundation selected two programs: 'Virtual Village' and Discovery Week for Engineering and Computer Science.

'Virtual Village,' the recipient of $100,000, is a program developed to help teachers in four area schools bring technology into the classroom.

Dr. Betty Conaway, chair and associate professor of curriculum and instruction in the School of Education, said the 'Virtual Village' uses systems dynamics, a way of describing organizational patterns, to promote 'increased student achievement and active learning on the part of the student.'

University education students will work in the classrooms involved in this program beginning with staff development training this spring and technology programs implemented into schools this fall.

Discovery Week for Engineering and Computer Science will receive the remaining $62,000.

This camp for junior high-aged girls interested in engineering or computer science will recruit students from cities across Texas.

The program will introduce possibilities in science to these students to get more females interested in the field. There will be four five-day camps at $30 a participant.

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