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Students complain of slow mail, lost parcels

April 2, 1997

James Lyons, a Marlin freshman, and Adrienne Little, a Yorba Linda, Calif., freshman look through their mail in the Bill Daniel Student Center mail room on Tuesday afternoon.

By Martha Roberts

Lariat Reporter

Student complaints about missing or late mail are the exception and not the rule, according to a U.S. Post Office representative whose center processes all incoming mail in Waco.

'The Baylor Student Union Building probably has less complaints than average,' spokesman Steve Kinser said. 'Of course, there's a certain amount of complaints you're going to get.'

Several students have complained about missing packages and letters handled at the campus mail room in the Bill Daniel Student Center since last semester. The mail room manager, however, believes the complaints are unfounded.

Randy Puente, an account associate with Xerox Business Service, the company that operates the mail room, said all letters received by the office each morning are delivered to student mail boxes the same day, usually by 3 p.m., and package notifications are placed in boxes no later than 1 p.m.

Jill Bothof, a senior from Weslaco, said a package addressed to her sat in the campus mail room for weeks because workers mislabeled it.

'I ordered a package from Clifford and Willis and after weeks and weeks [of not receiving it] I called the company,' Bothof said. 'The company said they sent it and [their records showed] I had received it. But every time I went over there [to the campus mail room] they said, 'We don't have it .''

According to Bothof, mail room workers later called her to say they found the package. It had been delivered to the mail room on time, but workers had shelved it under another box number.

'They had it the whole time,' Bothof said. 'Of course, it never got picked up, because the student who kept getting the package slips knew it wasn't for her.'

Waco freshman Stephanie Doak also reported having trouble with campus mail.

'I was supposed to get this letter from my friend in November ... but I never got it,' Doak said. 'I also get other people's mail.'

Puente said the mail room processes all mail in a timely manner.

'We clean every piece of mail out every day,' Puente said. 'We're required to clear it by 3 p.m.; that's our target and we usually make it.'

Steve Kinser, customer relations officer at the U.S. Highway 6 and Sanger Avenue post office, where all mail coming into Waco is processed, said the University mail room has a good record.

According to Kinser, all mail going to the University is trucked from the processing center to a local station, then trucked to the student center.

'The mail going to Baylor gets no more or less sortation than mail going to a street address,' Kinser said.

Puente said students are welcome to visit the mail room to see how it operates.

'We would like more people to call,' Puente said. 'We'd be glad to show them around.'

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