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University gives BHCS governance

April 2, 1997

By Lisa Zapata

Lariat Staff Writer

The University Board of Regents and trustees of the Baylor Health Care System (BHCS) voted Monday to give up University control of the BHCS.

The regents and hospital trustees met in a joint session at an undisclosed location in Dallas.

'The board had an agreement in principle to have the Baylor Health Care System trustees choose their own successors, but the University will maintain relations with the health care system in Dallas,' said regent chairman Randy Fields, a San Antonio attorney.

Vice president of University marketing Stan Madden said Tuesday he agreed with Fields that the agreement was in principle and that legal parameters for the change in governance will be set at a later date.

Fields said the regents and hospital trustees adopted the principle of going forward. He said parties in the past had indicated the Dallas-based BHCS was worth more than $1 billion, but the regents reviewed a number of options aside from selling the system.

'After looking at everything, we, along with the health care system board, agreed that a change in governance is to be held by them, and the University would concentrate on higher education,' Fields said.

He said the governance issue was the most important decision made at Monday's meeting. The bylaws and articles of incorporation for both institutions will have to be changed, and the process will take time.

Besides changing the governing laws, both boards agreed to maintain project relationships such as the nursing school.

The board's decision was based on a report from a joint-study committee set up in February to ease heightening tensions between the University and the BHCS.

The tension was caused by rumors of a possible sale of the BHCS.

Some regents supported alternatives to relinquishing governance of the BHCS.

'I am disappointed we couldn't work out something to realize the assets [of the health care system],' said regent Ted Snider of Little Rock, Ark. 'The money could have done some good for the hospital and the people of Dallas as well as the University.'

Snider recently drew attention when he posted a letter to regent chairman Fields on the Baylor Alumni Association's interactive

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