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Members of ROTC honored

March 27, 1997

By Karen Taft

Lariat Reporter

Six Baylor Air Force ROTC cadets were recently selected to be pilots and navigators. The cadets sent in scores to a nationwide competitive board to be compiled, and the University received a 100 percent selection rate.

The navigator positions had 199 applications, and 182 were selected. The University had one cadet apply, and he was accepted. There were 753 applications for pilot positions and 558 received acceptance. The University had five students apply and receive acceptance.

'I'm real excited about the results--these are Baylor students competing nationally against students from 144 different universities,' said Lt. Col. Greg Smith, an Aerospace Studies professor. 'It says that the quality of folks coming to Baylor is extremely high.'

After these six students complete their schooling at the University, they will go to training schools for pilots or navigators.

Bill Irvin, a Universal City junior and cadet selected for pilot training, said he was overjoyed with the results because it had been a childhood goal.

'I'm excited about the possibilities I will have in the future,' Irvin said. 'I would like to continue a career in the Air Force as a combat aircraft pilot.'

The students waited two weeks for the scores to be compiled before they received the results.

'I was shocked about the results,' said Ben Yarish, an El Paso junior and cadet selected for pilot training. 'Being a pilot always interested me.'

Other cadets selected to the pilot program were Russ O'Dell, a Mission junior, Marc Thomsen, a Waco junior and Ben Ward, a San Antonio junior. David Grover, a Prairie, Minn., senior, was selected for navigator training.

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