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Caedmon+s Call to perform tonight in concert

March 26, 1997

Caedmon's Call to perform tonight in concert

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Caedmon's Call will perform songs from its recently released CD at 8 p.m. today in Waco Hall.

By Kristin Nelson

Lariat Staff Writer

Caedmon's Call opens tonight in Waco Hall. Yesterday the band released their national debut self-titled CD in a concert in their hometown of Houston. The University is part of their 55- date spring tour, which will span three months.

The band recently signed with Warner Alliance and was predicted by CCM Magazine to be a 'breakout band for 1997.' The new CD contains re-recordings of six previously recorded songs and six never before released songs.

The six-piece acoustic band is nothing new to the University. The band has performed in Waco for crowds up to 1,600, and most recently sold-out two pre-release shows at Barry's Coffee Shop earlier this semester.

'It's no coincidence that Baylor is our first place, after our hometown, to be in concert with the new CD,' Aaron Tate, band member of Caedmon's Call said.

According to Tate, the band has changed its sound somewhat with its new release, but not because they signed nationally.

'This is a CD that we wanted to do,' Tate said. 'Some things are a little different, but we think people will like it.'

Caedmon's Call was preparing to fund the project themselves when they were approached by Warner Alliance, and according to band members they have not had to sacrifice their artistic sound for funding.

'This project was basically 100% artist control,' Tate said. 'It wasn't someone else telling us what to put in to sell.'

Despite the change in sound, the message of the band remains the same as in past releases. Tate says that much of Christian music today is 'preaching set to a melody.'

'Our approach is to write personal experiences and observations,' he said. 'That's what people really respond to and accept.'

The somber and serious tone that Caedmon's Call fans are used to is apparent on the new release, but is broken up with lighter songs like 'Stupid Kid.'

Other new songs on the CD include 'Bus Driver,' which the band has been playing in concert for over a year and 'Center Aisle,' which was first played in concert here in Waco last spring.

Caedmon's Call is currently touring the college circuit with stops throughout Texas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Arkansas and various other southern states. Their plans for the coming summer include concerts at music festivals. They will continue on the college circuit during the fall semester.

Tickets for the concert tonight are available in at the ticket office in the Bill Daniel Student Center for $7.

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