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Baylor Sports Round Up

March 25, 1997

Women's Tennis

Baylor def. Kansas State University 8­1 Saturday, improving its record to 9­3 overall and 4­1 in the conference.

Men's Tennis

The University of Oklahoma def. Baylor University, 4­3, Friday at the Streich Tennis Courts.


Adam Neal (OU ) def. Johann Jooste (BU) 6­7, 6­1,7­6

Chris Barkla (OU) def. Aaron Ramos (BU) 6­3, 6­3

Joey Michalsky (BU) def. Charlie Robertson (OU) 6­3, 6­4

David Hodge (BU) def. Dusty Beard (OU) 6­2, 6­1

James Matthew (BU ) def. Craig Pettigrove (OU) 6­7, 6­4, 7­6

Jave Rush (OU) def. Jarslav Turek (BU) 4­6, 6­4, 7­5


Jooste/Hodge (BU) def. Beard/Barkla (OU) 9­8

Robertson/Warren (OU) def. Michalsky (BU) 8­5

Neal/Pettigrove (OU) def. Turek/Matthew (BU) 8­3

Saturday, the Oklahoma State University team defeated the Bears, 6­1 at the Streich Tennis Courts.


Paul Kudrnac (OSU) def. Johann Jooste (BU) 6­1, 3­6, 6­1

Aaron Ramos (BU) def. Martin Dvoracek (OSU) 6­2, 6­4

Brad Chiller (OSU) def. Joey Michalsky (BU) 6­0, 6­2

Chris Bates (OSU) def. David Hodge (BU) 6­1, 6­4

Rob Howarth (OSU) def. Jaroslav Turek (BU) 6­1, 6­4

Daniel Russo (OSU) def. James Matthew (BU) 7­5, 6­0


Jooste/Hodge (BU) def. Kudrnac/Dvoracek (OSU) 8­6

Chiller/Bates (OSU) def Ramos/Michalsky (BU) 8­5

Russo/Howarth (OSU) def. Waas/Matthew (BU) 8­6

Men's Golf

The Bears tied for 8th place overall in the Border Olympics golf tournament held in Laredo.

Individual Results

Tied for 5. Chris Nickens 213

Tied for 36. Aaron Pellegrom 225

Tied for 36. Mike Chisum 225

Tied for 48. Trey Homsey 227

Tied for 60. Trey Whatley 229

Tied for 72. Graham Lynch 231


Texas Tech University took two games of a three-game set from the Bears.

Friday's game-- Texas Tech def. BU 8­5

Saturday's game-- Texas Tech def. BU 3­2

Sunday's game-- Texas Tech def. BU 16­3

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